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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Vybz Kartel - Mr. Bleach Chin lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


If me get a billion dollar
If me get a billion dollar
If me get a billion dollar
But if a the shearer mi just cyaa bother

Some British money, some Us money
Some CI money, some Euro money
Weh Shawn Storm an Monie money

[Verse 1]
Mi waan get a billion dollar like Mr Bleach Leachin
Girls would a call me Mr Bleach Chin
Whole a dem a blow me chords Vybz Kartel - Mr. Bleach Chin lyrics lyrics like a beach wind
True money like leaf when yo si the tree trim
Private jet a land, tire squelching
Yow a 24 carrot gold fi each rim
What a life sweet an mi never meat shim
Listen to the higher reasoning
Yow a nuff bwoy rich an go switch
An end up wid a cord kord chord Vybz Kartel - Mr. Bleach Chin lyrics kunci gitar witch
But mi naw left shorty a higher she bring
Never gonna tell are seh I am leaving
No sah wi inseparable, sire me spin
Billion dollar mi a gi are half
Meck are bank book swell as if buy a beas sting
Money, money, money, pon a fire me sing
But a life a the greatest thing

How many Million dollar, meck a Billion dollar
1000 Million, haffi inna fi mi hand
1000 Million, solid like Gillion
Money a mi religion

How much is a Billion dollar
1000 Million, Franklyn a fi mi dan
1000 Million, Pound, Sterling in hand
1000 Million Euro

[Verse 2]
Mi done meck entertainment report now
Mi waan meck Owen James report
Mi waan buy a yacht it’s a wealthy boat
An every house get a million a Water Ford
Jamaica that mi waan support
But if Rasta no run it lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Vybz Kartel - Mr. Bleach Chin lyrics download mp3 mi naw go vote
If a no Chin Chin Chilla mi no waan no court
Jump up inna mi Lemo zene gone go sport

(Crime is a sickness that mi know
An everybody know money a the antidote
Unu no si the dollar sign weh dem pon mi throat
Every cough when mi cough, a money that



[Verse 1]


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