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[NEW] Chords Kunci Gitar Joe Budden - The Way You Love Me lyrics Lirik Terjemahan Arti Lagu


[Intro: Joe Budden]
Turn me up in the headphones some
{“New Joe Budden”}

[Joe Budden]
First off let me shout out the fam, y’all so gracious
Been chillin in the room for growth, it’s so spacious
Gettin to the money, countin these old faces
Like I found the smoking gun in cold cases
Nah, them dark thoughts never got to him still
unlike the legendary Robin Will’
Even though I understand I never dealt with the pain like that
A knot from that same rope but I don’t hang like that
We had a couple break-ups, gotta respect cousin
I’ll hit the reset button, you try to reset Budden
It’s real, my accomplishments
Already show ’em how I deal with the consequence and you can ask Consequence
She reached out via text like, “What up with the guy?”
Which is weird, it’s been a year since we fraternized
Still I made my way back in chords Joe Budden - The Way You Love Me lyrics lyrics her life
Only to prove to myself I wouldn’t fuck up twice
We reminiscin, thinkin hella back
You had to watch me with her, but to hell with that
Cause I think that me carryin that thought kinda washed me with her
And even that’s cool cause me and you is not me and her
I took a little hiatus, hope you could see the change
I was too high to say this, how could I explain?
Though my mouth was quiet, my mind was like a Ferguson riot
Why it only get worse when I’m in private?
Were we victims to the game?
Tryin to do it over, here’s the gift for an exchange
It’s time now for the public, these niggaz won’t know a thang
So we keep each other blocked on Twitter, it’s not a game
Like a picture in a frame for now
Drunk models, couple Swishers and a stank, yeah

[Chorus: Felicia Temple]
Every time I walk away you need me
But your words don’t mean a thing when you’re not here
Tell me is this the way, the way that you love me?
Tell me is this the way, the way that you care?

[Joe Budden]
It go, it go, uhh
She said she wanna set boundaries
“Can’t continue to have you surroundin me
Cause that’ll lead to you on this couch poundin me
That’ll bring them feelings back, that’s just outta bounds to me”
It’s been years, last bitch ain’t come around to me
Said my tone of voice sound like you speakin down to cord kord chord Joe Budden - The Way You Love Me lyrics kunci gitar me
Said I said some things to begrudge you
But I can’t ask to not be judged then judge you
She said, “All of this time I’ve been screamin ‘Fuck you’
Which implies I can’t move on, I’m stuck too”
Blood flowin, there’s an adrenaline rush too
Every time I try to leave it’s when you in a rush too
She said, “Lookin back I can see how you was gamin me”
Which is fine, I can see how you could feel there
Which means I just gotta ask you one question though
If it was game tell me why them feelings still there?
I know the answer to that, you still fallin
You ain’t never felt so strong, it feels foreign
Probably got me saved in her phone as Phil Collins
Hear it +In the Air+ of the night and still callin
E’ry time you see me a couple of bills on him
Got rich then did it again, we still ballin
You ain’t gotta respond to that
If you did it would look like it’s a Con’ to that, I’m so far beyond in that
Chillin with a couple of hoes that like hoes
that like niggaz that don’t act like hoes
I don’t say that cause I’m vain or so strangers can know I’m the man
We not fuckin, sometimes it’s better knowin you can
She come running-back every time she throw in the can
Just to holla when she feel like not a soul understand
It’s art, baby I already proved that I ride out
You can’t bear to be hurt again so you hide out
You ain’t gotta say that, I know lirik terjemahan arti indonesia Joe Budden - The Way You Love Me lyrics download mp3 you inside out
We communicate so well when all the pride’s out
Gotta give it one more go, we ain’t try it out
Nah that love wouldn’t have been real if it had died out


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